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Lilian (la virgen pervertida) (1984)

Something else this time, a Jess Franco adult flick (or is it?)
Lilian has the honor to be the first Spanish xxx movie. While Jess Franco was filming this flick Spain changed it porn laws making it legal to shoot a porno. Franco, always the one to seize a sleaze opportunity then decided to just shoot some hardcore porno scenes to include with his already shoot footage making this the first Spanish porno. And if you watch the movie you can definitly tell what scenes where shot afterwards and added back in.  If you take away those scenes their is a well directed movie to be found somewhere underneath.

The movie starts with Antonio Mayans (Robert Foster) finding a naked, passed out girl (Katja Bienert) laying unconscious on the road, after trying to help her, the girl tells here story (all in flashbacks). She was invited to live with a couple (Emilio Linder and the beautiful Lina Romay) in wat seemed like a good deal. Meanwhile though the couple abused all of their "guests" in different ways, a local bar was used as the meeting point for these kinds of people. Doubling as a sort of brothel. I'll save you the details on what kind of acts she had to do. After hearing this Antonio decides to take the law in his own hands and goes out for vengeance.

In the movies defense, Katje Bienert is looking great here, she doesn't do any hardcore scenes (they are def. filmed afterwards) eventhough she is naked for the title scene and the opening scene.

Bienert has also stated that she has no recollection of being in a porno, Jess franco shooted some scenes with here and the way he works is that he just make a movie around that. Of course not paying Bienert or the other actors who appeared in the movie.

It's a typical Jess Frenco movie with lots of surreal scenes, a nice soundtrack and lots of weird closeup shots. I have to say that 10 minutes of close up shot of vagina's and penises was an awkward thing to sit through, but what else to expect from the master of akward close up shots.
I need to mention as well that I fast-forwarded to most of the sex scenes, making this a very short flick to watch.

All in all not a great movie, not as a normal movie and not as a porno. But definitely an imported one!
I'm just glad I've seen another Jess Franco movie of the hundreds that I have left to see.

Score: 3/10