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Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)

Oh wow, a review, after all these years? Whats gotten into me? don't fear, after all this time I was thinking about doing another review, just everything when I wanted to do so something got in my way. I WILL be back to reviewing for this blog again but with a new twist. No more pack reviews but rather just random movies again (which was what this blog became anyways).
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But enough of me rambling, onto the review:
  • Year of release:2012
  • Director: Richard Schenkman
  • Genre: Horror
  • IMDB Page
What we have here today is a movie called Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, truly a fanfic come to life. Obviously it's another asylum 'mockbuster' that takes its inspiration from big releases, this time the disaster that was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The movie starts with a young Abe Lincoln watching his mother becoming a zombie and his father committing suicide to get spared that same fate.
Abe, being the ass-kicker that he is decapitates his mother and sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

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Later in life the president leads a team of soldiers to get rid of a zombie menace that has broken out in a fort. Along the way he meets a young Teddy Roosevelt, an old love interest and some more useless no plot people.

First the good parts, there is a one-liner in this flick that in all honesty needed to be in this movie, if Lincoln after decapitating a zombie, shouting out "Emancipate this!" doesn't get a chuckle out of you I'm afraid you're better off never watching anything asylum ever.
The actor who plays Abe needs to be mentioned, Bill Oberst Jr, who you will know from euhm, lots of movies nobody saw, looks like the real deal. He's doing a terrific job playing the president. During non zombie scenes you can believe you are watching a real drama instead of an asylum knockoff.

The movie gets a bonus point for its ending. A nice surprise that almost redeems itself (but not really). Because there are lots of bad parts. All the non fighting parts are quite
boring, and sometimes the glued on beards can feel a bit too fake at times.

There is a scene in the end where one guy just walks through gangs of zombies without really getting attacked. He can just push them to the sides without trouble. How boring can you make these zombies? There is never real tension, the non zombie scenes are boring and the zombie scenes themselves are more ofter not then well.

Also if you have zombies already as the enemy, do you really need another subplot with people from the south getting in quarrels with lincons gang and whatnot.
And I understand trying to get this movie to feel like oldie times with a low budget, but does everything needs to be in sepia?

This would have been great as a musical.

But everything being said and done, its still one of the better asylum movies, it can stand on its own, has an awesome lead actor and has a nice catchphrase. And lets be fair if you are going to watch Lincoln fighting mystical creatures this year it better be this one. Its the better one, but thats not saying much. It's also the most enjoyable asylum movie that I have seen in a while, but again not really saying much. Give it a chance if you want to.

 Let's go mister Black (yes that's his real name).

Score: 5/10
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Emancipate this!


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