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Milano Calibro 9 (1971)

Today I bring you the first movie of the Milieu Trilog which gave us three of the best movies of the whole eurocrime genre. Directed by Fernando Di Leo , loved by many yet unknown to the masses.

The movie starts extremely well with one of the best pre-opening credit scenes out there. We get a small introduction to some characters and a bit of the plot with an intense atmosphre will listening to a progressive rock song. This scene leaves you with a lot of questions but also leaves you wanting more, a lot more. After the opening credits we get introduced to Ugo Piazza, played brilliantly by Gastone Moschin, who just got released from prison thanks to good behavior. He was safer in prison because his former employer, Rocco, a psychopathic gangster and the police all believe he stole $300,000 during his last assignment before he went into prison and that he chose to go to jail to protect himself and to later benefit from his hidden money. The $300,000 belonged to an American drug boss who does not like people stealing from him and who gives poor Ugo more then a hard time. Of course not everything is like it seams and many plot twists occur.

The movie also contains an interesting subplot about two cops constantly arguing about rich vs poor people committing crime and what the best way is to deal with it. An interesting look in the Di Leo's politics.
The technical side of the movie is great with beautiful shots of Milan mixed with well made sets. The performances are excellent with an exception for some of the real small parts. The movies thrives with a mix of close up shots of peoples faces and some excellent scenes of packages being passed around in public areas. Those scenes have no dialog but more of the marvelous soundtrack. This soundtrack is a mix between progressive rock and more traditional funky 70's Italian crime music.

This movie is an excellent introduction to the genre and is recommended to any movie fan willing to give it a shot.
Score: 9/10


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