Welcome to Here you will find reviews of public domain movies and bmovies.


Please alow me to FAQ-you hard,fast and quick.
1) You made a spelling mistake on your review of movie "x". Are you a retard missing half a brain or something?

2) Really?
Well that is only half the answer, I do like to point out that English has never been my native tongue, nor do I claim to be an actual writer. I do like to share my knowledge and experience with whoever stumbles upon this site but you will just have to look past spelling and grammar mistakes.

3) I like your site zo far, but so few reviews have been made. Please be more active!
Ok, It is not like I have anything else to do, ever.

4) Your lay-out hurts my eyes, change it!
Any constructive comments will be read before ignored. Any non constructive comments will be ignored.

5) This site is stupid.
This is not a question, please reformulate.

6) Is this site stupid?

7) Can I request a review from you?
Sure can, anything goes as long as I can get my hands on a physical copy.

Feel free to leave other questions in the comment section. If you want me to FAQ you even more I might update it in the feature.


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