Welcome to Here you will find reviews of public domain movies and bmovies.

Introduction and Mission Statement.

The purpose of this blog is quite simple to review movies and music. I haven't really figured out yet what categories of movies and music I will constrain myself to but I hope it will be a natural evolution. I first had the idea to start my own review blog when I was searching for someone that had reviewed all the public domain movies in the Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack and the Sci-Fi Classics 50 Movie Pack. Only for the more famous movies (the few real classics) I found decent reviews.
Part 1 of my mission statement is:
Put online a review for all 50 movies from both the horror and the sci-fi "classics" packs. Those movies are all in the public domain so easy available for everyone. I will be receiving another movie pack soon as well, so new additions of public domain movies will be made.

Part 2: Reviews of other movies
Beside those reviews I may or may not review other movies. Those will probably be bmovies or just oldies. I honestly haven't decided what to do yet.

Part 3 : La musique
Besides movies my other passion is oldschool metal, since I want to force my opinion upon everyone who stumbles upon this blog, I will add reviews of either obscure albums or just what I happen to be listening to when I got some time on my hands. I also might add soundtrack reviews sinds this can be quiet hard to find.

Note: The blog and all its content is still under construction until further notice. Feel free to add any comments.

update 2012: Music reviews can be found here:
No more take on the pack reviews. Instead going for random movies from my collection.


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